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In any business, the ability to connect with coworkers and share a common vision is vital to the success of the company. However, with the rise of digital communication and online meeting platforms, many businesses now have remote staff who seldom ever meet in person – especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For these companies, planning a corporate retreat can be an excellent strategy for coworkers to connect in real life, gain a better understanding of the people they work with every day, and communicate more effectively as a team.

Corporate meetings – single day “destination meetings” focused on business – or retreats allow employers to strengthen the company’s values. Meeting up away from the office is a great way to communicate the company’s long-term goals, improve performance, and create a shared plan for the future of the organization. Gathering in a pleasant (but neutral) location has many advantages over the alienation of remote working or the stifling atmosphere imposed by an office.

A corporate retreat puts employees in an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating, which encourages creative thinking and can generate valuable input.

However, it’s not always productive to pull employees away from their work and home lives for the lengthy series of overnight stays that many corporate retreats offer. Sometimes, a corporate meeting in a retreat-style location for a single day is the best option. It costs less, it’s easier to plan, and employees will feel much less distracted and pressured by a one-day meeting if the meeting will be mandatory. 

If opting for a corporate meeting (a day-trip retreat), is a better solution, Drumore Mill is the perfect destination for your destination meeting. Whether you’re focused on doing work, fostering connections and bonding between members of your team, or just rewarding your staff by offering them the opportunity to unwind and relax in the beauty of nature. With towering trees and majestic cliffs, the grounds offer stunning views of The Fishing Creek, which is one of the few rivers in the county with native trout and rare fish species.

Business owners and managers who visit Drumore Mill can take their choice of outdoor spaces and climate controlled indoor spaces for their team to meet in, so events can be held regardless of the season or variations in weather. Indoor areas offer up to 100 seats with excellent views of the surrounding landscape. We also offer a broad suite of communication options featuring WiFi connectivity, user-friendly sound systems, Smart TVs for meetings and presentations, PA systems, and wireless microphones. Regardless of your needs, the team can enjoy a spacious and comfortable gathering no matter its size. 

Corporate Meeting Room Options:

High Sunroom

(Cliff, Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 12 guests.

Sky Parlor

(Cliff, Creekside, & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 25 guests. 15-20 seats. Long CONFERENCE Table, BAR, & Balcony.

Game Room

(Deck, Cliffside, and Waterfall View)
Holds up to 25 guests. 15-20 seats. Long CONFERENCE Table. Sunroom. Outside top deck with waterfall view.


(View of Woodland, Meadow, and Cliffs)
Holds up to 100 guests. 50-100 seats. Beautiful customized tables. Inside Bar. Band Stage. Outside deck, woodland view, and Koi pond. GuestS Access to Pavilion, Waterfall Lounge, and the Cave.


(Outdoor; Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 50-100 guests. Outside Bar, Outside Catering. Band Stage. ACCESS TO THE Waterfall Lounge and the Cave.


(Outdoor; Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 20 guests. (Spring-Summer-Fall) / Not Ideal for Winter. 15-20 seats. Direct waterfall view.

Grist Mill Great Room

Holds up to 20 guests. 15-20 seats. Long Table. Fireplace. Sunroom WITH Direct waterfall view.

The surrounding Lancaster County is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Pennsylvania, meaning your retreat will have plenty to do both on- and off-site. Better yet, Lancaster County has many attractions that cater to people with different interests, and the nearby surrounding counties also have plenty of activities.


Nearby Lancaster County attractions include the Fishing Creek Nature Preserve, Fern Cliff National Preserve, and Susquehannock State Park, Amish communities, countless hiking trails, and many restaurants, breweries and meaderies to end the meeting day in. A tour of a historical attraction related to your business can help instill a sense of tradition and purpose in your team, too. Manufacturers might consider the Cornwall Iron Furnace or National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum, and those in the food and beverage industry might benefit from a tour of the Herr’s Snack Factory, and those in transportation have their choice between the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and private museum collections such as Barry’s Car Barn.


Interested in a longer experience than just an offsite corporate meeting? Check out our Corporate Retreat options and amenities.

Meeting Room Amenities Include:

Catering: You may use our preferred vendor for catering, or you may use your own catering services

Drumore Mill on Harmony Event Facilitator to manage day-of-event details

The option to use additional locations; creek bank, woodland, meadows, and/or trail as break-out sessions

The option to use large athletic field, basketball court and/or trail available for team building activities

Whiteboards/Flip Chart available upon request

Wi-Fi access throughout facility


Whatever the plan, Drumore Mill can work with you to host a corporate meeting that helps your team succeed. Whether you have a set schedule or haven’t begun planning at all, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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