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Drumore Mill


Drumore Mill was originally built in 1752 as a grist mill and a sawmill.

It took more than 6 years to transform a property in disrepair into a banquet and retreat venue with modern amenities. Special effort was made to preserve its history and the surrounding nature’s beauty.

A Geological Gem:

The mill situates adjacent to a special value creek, a waterfall, soaring cliffs, wetland, and an environmental sensitive area.

The Fishing Creek, with its cold water and high oxygen content, is one of a few creeks in Lancaster County that supports native trout and rare fishes. The buildings are surrounded by cliffs and trees. The tall cliffs and the old trees provide scenery, privacy, and seclusion to the property. The waterfall is adjacent to the Grist Mill and can be viewed from many different angles. In addition, there are meadow, athletic field, a chapel, walking woodland trail, and wetland. Drumore Mill is truly an amazing property as it holds many natural beauties. 

Mental Health Retreat Venue

Drumore Mill offers:

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