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We could all use a vacation. After months of hard work, life stresses and anxiety, and the rat race of life in motion while fulfilling responsibilities, taking a little time for yourself and the family to unplug, unwind, and reconnect can do wonders. In both the personal and professional world, people are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Many are simply overworked, too; studies have shown that excessive work without periods of recovery and sufficient time for rewarding activities can cause burnout or and lead to mental health problems.

However, it may be easier to take a vacation or getaway closer to home depending on the state of the Nation or the Globe for that matter. You don’t necessarily need to travel across the ocean to achieve those goals – it could even happen in the next town over.

A vacation doesn’t require travelling far away for it to be worthwhile, it only requires that you find enjoyment and feel refreshed.

Whether you’re an active family looking for an outdoor adventure or just looking for peaceful and pleasant scenery to catch up on your reading, Drumore Mill can be the vacation destination of your dreams. Our spacious 30-acre property serves as an ideal vacation setting where you can enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the comforts of modern life behind. Indoor areas feature gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape alongside all the conveniences of the digital age, including WiFi connectivity, user-friendly sound systems, Smart TVs, PA systems, and wireless microphones. Outdoor areas feature lush woods, rocky cliffs, wetlands, creeks, and waterfalls that provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and sports.

Even if your getaway or vacation remains limited to one part of Drumore Mill, having the majestic and peaceful backdrop of nature gives everyone a sense of perspective that makes the event memorable. For example, many people’s happiest memories with their loved ones involve camping trips and nature outings. Fishing Creek, which is one of the few rivers in the county with native trout and rare fish species, runs through the property and into the nearby Susquehanna River. The nearby Fishing Creek Nature Preserve and Susquehannock State Park make Drumore Hill a central destination for almost every outdoor activity imaginable, which can be a great excuse to spend time together having fun with the whole family.

Take A Vacation

Lease one or multiple homes or the whole Drumore Mill Compound for your vacation to suit your group size!

Vacation Room Options:

High Sunroom

(Cliff, Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 12 guests.

Sky Parlor

(Cliff, Creekside, & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 25 guests. 15-20 seats. Long CONFERENCE Table, BAR, & Balcony.

Game Room

(Deck, Cliffside, and Waterfall View)
Holds up to 25 guests. 15-20 seats. Long CONFERENCE Table. Sunroom. Outside top deck with waterfall view.


(View of Woodland, Meadow, and Cliffs)
Holds up to 100 guests. 50-100 seats. Beautiful customized tables. Inside Bar. Band Stage. Outside deck, woodland view, and Koi pond. GuestS Access to Pavilion, Waterfall Lounge, and the Cave.


(Outdoor; Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 50-100 guests. Outside Bar, Outside Catering. Band Stage. ACCESS TO THE Waterfall Lounge and the Cave.


(Outdoor; Creekside & Waterfall View)
Holds up to 20 guests. (Spring-Summer-Fall) / Not Ideal for Winter. 15-20 seats. Direct waterfall view.

Grist Mill Great Room

Holds up to 20 guests. 15-20 seats. Long Table. Fireplace. Sunroom WITH Direct waterfall view.

The surrounding Lancaster County is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Pennsylvania, meaning your gathering will have plenty to do both on- and off-site. Better yet, Lancaster County has many attractions that cater to people with different interests, and the nearby surrounding counties also have plenty of activities.


Nearby Lancaster County attractions include the Fishing Creek Nature Preserve, Fern Cliff National Preserve, and Susquehannock State Park, Amish communities, countless hiking trails, and many restaurants, breweries and meaderies to end the meeting day in. Consider a tour of a historical attraction, Cornwall Iron Furnace, or National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum. For fun, try a tour of the Herr’s Snack Factory, the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, or a private museum collection such as Barry’s Car Barn.

Even group-members who aren’t “outdoors-y” can still enjoy their trip, though. There are dozens of museums in the area covering every conceivable interest, from the Civil War to the clock-making, and from Amish history to military edged weaponry (although some museums have heavy themes, most in the area are relatively family-friendly). Other stops could include Lancaster County’s countless antique shops, restaurants, cafes, and farmers markets. And, after a long day of fun at Drumore Mill and the surrounding attraction, there are several highly-rated breweries to cap off the trip together.


Whatever the goal of your event, Drumore Mill can work with you to host a memorable gathering that goes off without a hitch. Whether you have a set schedule or haven’t begun planning at all, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Interested in a planning a gathering with a shorter duration? Check out our Family Event options and amenities.

Room Amenities Include:

Catering: You may use our preferred vendor for catering, or you may use your own catering services

Drumore Mill on Harmony Event Facilitator to manage day-of-event details

The option to use additional locations; creek bank, woodland, meadows, and/or trail as break-out sessions

The option to use large athletic field, basketball court and/or trail available for team building activities

Whiteboards/Flip Chart available upon request

Wi-Fi access throughout facility

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