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Public spaces: The Pavilion, Waterfall Lounge, and the Cave

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A wellness retreat is not like any other vacation you might go on. Rather, it is a special kind of getaway—not quite a visit to a spa resort, not quite a travel adventure, but truly a chance to get away from the stressful elements of day-to-day life. Often, it’s the most rewarding trip you can give yourself in terms of your health and wellness. Don’t forget that first and foremost, a wellness retreat is a gift to yourself. It’s time set aside for a specific purpose: to improve on your mental and spiritual well-being, and nothing less.

Mental Health Retreat Venue

Like any vacation, going on a wellness retreat takes you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But it goes a step further, too. A wellness retreat is a chance to take a break, disconnect from the digital world, and disengage from work and family worries. While you can choose your degree of removal, often the best course of action is to completely unplug to get the most out of the experience. Make sure you’re able to leave your job behind, shut down all your technology, forget social media, and allow yourself to appreciate the experience without any distractions or diversions.

Wellness retreats are designed to allow everyone who takes them to have some time to recover away from the daily grind. Another benefit of a wellness retreat is the fact that it pushes you to exit out of your regular mindset. It frees up your schedule (and mental space) enough to dedicate time to wellness, which is ultimately the most fundamental part of your life.

Without wellness, every other part of life is impossible. Therefore it is vitally important to take a break from your usual routines and give yourself a chance to recharge, relax and reflect. In fact, according to several studies, wellness retreats can improve health measurably and relieve symptoms of conditions such as insomnia, high blood pressure, and depression.

Enjoy the restorative power of a wellness retreat and you might just find the experience delightful. You might find it game changing and realize you need to do it far, far more often than you already do.

Whether you’re planning a group wellness retreat or just looking for a solo break, at Drumore Mill we offer the ideal environment for reflection and revitalization. Meditation is a great example. Let’s face it: we live in a busy world. While we all know meditation is great for our bodies and brains, it’s not so easy to learn to shut off the constant barrage of intrusive thoughts when trying to meditate in just any space. A wellness retreat factors in time to meditate and properly reflect, and our sprawling property is secluded so you can meditate in the peaceful solitude of nature.

Seek Mental Health and Wellness


Exercise can be another important aspect of a wellness retreat. At both Drumore Mill and the many state parks and nature preserves nearby, there are plentiful hiking and nature trails. The feeling of fresh forest air on your skin as you conquer each peak and valley on your hike is an invigorating experience, especially when you climb high enough to take in the view and catch your breath as you look over the landscape. It’s not just about physical health, either – although exercising in nature has a plethora of benefits to your body. The sense of accomplishment can be great for your mental health and remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to. For group wellness retreats, Drumore Mill also has plenty of space and facilities for sports like jogging, shooting hoops, or group games.

Wellness Retreats

Lease one or multiple homes or the whole Drumore Mill Compound for your Wellness Retreat to suit your group size!

The surrounding Lancaster County is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Pennsylvania, meaning your gathering will have plenty to do both on- and off-site. Better yet, Lancaster County has many attractions that cater to people with different interests, and the nearby surrounding counties also have plenty of activities.

Nearby Lancaster County attractions include the Fishing Creek Nature Preserve, Fern Cliff National Preserve, and Susquehannock State Park, Amish communities, countless hiking trails, and many restaurants, breweries and meaderies to end the meeting day in. Consider a tour of a historical attraction, Cornwall Iron Furnace, or National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum. For fun, try a tour of the Herr’s Snack Factory, the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, or a private museum collection such as Barry’s Car Barn.

Even group-members who aren’t “outdoors-y” can still enjoy their trip, though. There are dozens of museums in the area covering every conceivable interest, from the Civil War to the clock-making, and from Amish history to military edged weaponry (although some museums have heavy themes, most in the area are relatively family-friendly). Other stops could include Lancaster County’s countless antique shops, restaurants, cafes, and farmers markets. And, after a long day of fun at Drumore Mill and the surrounding attraction, there are several highly-rated breweries to cap off the trip together.

Whatever you have in mind for your wellness retreat, Drumore Mill can help you make your dreams a reality. We can provide the setting for you to truly make the most out of the time you have dedicated to your well-being. Whether you have a set schedule or haven’t begun planning at all, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Room Amenities Include:

Catering: You may use our preferred vendor for catering, or you may use your own catering services

Drumore Mill on Harmony Event Facilitator to manage day-of-event details

The option to use additional locations; creek bank, woodland, meadows, and/or trail as break-out sessions

The option to use large athletic field, basketball court and/or trail available for team building activities

Whiteboards/Flip Chart available upon request

Wi-Fi access throughout facility


Whatever the plan, Drumore Mill can work with you to host a wellness retreat that helps your team succeed. Whether you have a set schedule or haven’t begun planning at all, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.wellness

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